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WinAsUGo™ Mobile Casino Games (28-03-2011)

WinAsUGo Mobile Casino Games


Stratosphere: New and unique 3-reel, 9 -line slot machine with extremely gripping illustrations and a phenomenal progressive jackpot. (up to x5000 your stake)

Amazonas: A new and extremely colourful 3-reel, 8 -line slot Brazilian Amazon’s themed slots machine.  Enjoy Stunning graphics and smooth animation. (up to x1000 your stake)

Christmas: A splendid 3-reel, 9 -line Christmas themed game with a bonus rounds, gifts, fun and progressive jackpot. (up to x5000 your stake)

Circus-Circus: gorgeously illustrated eye-candy Circus themed 3-reel, 9 -line slot machine with bonus rounds and progressive jackpot. (Up to x5000 your stake) 

Tropicana: A Luxury multi activity 3-reel, 9 -line Tropicana themed java game with exceptionally high quality smooth and unmatched graphics, featuring bonus rounds and progressive jackpot. (Up to x5000 your stake) 

Smoothie: A new & extremely flavoured 3-reel, 8 -line slot, featuring nine delicious and unique flavoured icons. (Up to x1000 your stake) 

777 classic Slots:  Play our classic 3-reel slot machine! Enjoy vivid graphics, smooth and unmatched graphics of the spinning reels! Hit 777? Lucky you (!)It’s worth x800 of your stake!

5 Lines Soccer Slots: A 3-reel, 5 -line Soccer themed slot machine. Bet on up to 5 row combinations, featuring fun graphics, realistic spinning wheels and fantastic payouts (up to x1000 your stake!)  

Table Games

Blackjack: We offer you to hit splits Aces where others normally DON’T. And if you are considered to be a Black jack Savvy with optimal results of 0.468 %(!) Than we are proud of ourselves with 99.532% payout percentage!

Baccarat: An exciting, easy to learn and a game to be enjoyed by everyone. The player's objective is to correctly predict which of the two hands (Player or Banker) will have a point total closest to 9. 

HiLo: Playing Hi Lo, you are dealt with five cards. Guess if card will be higher or lower, black or red or from a certain suit and rake up to x 1500 your stake!

Roulette: The WinAsUGo™ Roulette Wheel is a professional replica of the real thing (!) the rest is noise! Sharp and vivid graphic interface like you have never seen ever before! Guaranteed! Straight bet pays 35 to 1.

Video Poker:  committed to quality than ever - Rest assured to enjoy extremely gripping illustrations. Hit Royal Flush! It is worth x 250 your stake!

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