Mobile Bingo Explosion

Some might consider bingo a product of a 1950s and 60s development in the UK’s working class social habits. In terms of entertainment, men had so-called working men’s clubs and there was no shortage of sporting and gambling opportunities. Women were far more restricted on all fronts.

Then Bingo Halls appeared - mainly in industrialised areas – and, suddenly, masses of women were able to simultaneously share a gambling experience in a safe and socially desirable setting.

In fact bingo dates back to the middle ages, so it’s only natural that, having survived so long and undergone various changes, it’s a modern world online gambling sensation. For a while after online poker first exploded on to our computer screens, online gambling experts would for a few successive years announce that ‘poker was the new poker’ as it continued to gain in popularity.

Despite an enormous choice of mobile gambling and betting that’s now available, from all-action casino games to up-to-date and even in-running sports betting, online bingo soon became the new poker, thanks to the fact it affords players an easygoing social network atmosphere in tandem with the actual game itself. While, perhaps, mobile bingo initially proved extremely popular with a mainly female client base, the chat room that comes with the prospect of potentially life-changing prizes is of course a big hit all-round.

There are literally millions of players online, some try their luck only briefly, some go for the jackpots, others prefer to play cheaply (we’re talking pennies per card) in order to make new friends and chat away while the software does all the work for them (no need to listen intently to a bingo-caller, pen in hand).Whatever the attraction, online bingo has enjoyed so much success because it’s the perfect, great value gambling game for mobile devices!



Top Mobile Gambling Sites

  Software Handsets Review Download
1. William Hill Mobile Casino Playtech
2. Sky Casino Proprietary
3. Proprietary
4. Platinum Play Mobile MicroGaming
5. Ladbrokes Mobile Betting Proprietary
6. Unibet Poker Proprietary
7. 32red Mobile Casino MicroGaming
8. William Hill Bingo Proprietary
9. William Hill Mobile Betting Open Bet
10. MFortune Sexy Poker Proprietary

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