Don't Gamble with Your Password!

Don't Gamble with Your Password!

We talk in these articles about the latest odds, how different aspects need to be taken into account for different sports, trends, news, casino games fundamentals and a host of other subjects relevant to mobile betting and gambling, but here’s an amusing snippet that shoulld serve to remind us to be safe in terms of passwords etc.
While locking up our houses and cars and so on is second nature it seems that too many of us still have what would politely be called a relaxed attitude to internet security. If any of the amusing but poor habits below apply to you it might help to devote a small chunk of time to turn over a new leaf before moving on to your next mobile betting adventure.

According to a recent survey, a sixth of us use a pet’s name to protect our web accounts, ‘protect’ being a word we use loosely. Indeed this is the top choice when selecting a password, believe it or not. Next in the ‘top ten’ come significant dates such as birthdays and anniversaries and so on, while we also like to use our children’s names, other family members’ names, place of birth, favourite holiday destinations and sports teams and personalities. Perhaps the most bizarre of all is the fact that the actual word ‘password’ continues to be in the top ten choices in lists of the most common passwords, year after year!

Of course if you are guilty of any of these, then maybe you should be extra careful in choosing how you approach the practice of mobile gambling and sports betting, as the application of similar ‘wisdom’ could you get into trouble if you try to run before you can walk at online poker, for instance (one of the more streetwise, dog-eat-dog forms of mobile gambling), and games of chance might be a better way to go...

Presumably none of our gambling4mobiles family are in the 48% of internet users who share their passwords with someone else (your writer had to read that particular statistic a second time to verify that a decimal point wasn’t missing between the 4 and the 8). Women, apparently, are more likely to share passwords than men, and more than twice as likely to do so with their children.

Right, now that we’ve got that out of the way, and you’ve made sure that your child won’t be playing online bingo on your account while you’re mowing the lawn, help yourselves to the latest in mobile casino fun and sports betting with the best offers and prices via gambling4mobiles.

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